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Opening hours

From 13:00 o'clock untill 22:00 o'clock are we open.


Due to corona the restuarant is closed from 25th December until further notice (exception for our hotel guests).



From 29th december until 3rd january 2021 - all days long

From 4th until 31st january 2021 - Tuesday & Wednesday closed

From 1st until 31st february 2021 - Wednesday closed

From 1st march until 11th april 2021 - Tuesday & Wednesday closed


 Company holiday - from 12th april until 7th may 2021


From 8th may until 11th july 2021 - Tuesday & Wednesday closed

From 12th July until 15th august 2021 - Wednesday closed

From 16th august until 1st november 2021 - Tuesday & Wednesday closed


Company holiday - from 2nd november until 3rd december 2021 


Arrive and enjoy - here by us

Thanks for your visit!


Your family Infanger & Team


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